Us yugioh fans desevre the best...


Currently the only affiliate is masterofmagicians.webs.com which i encourage you to check out. 

This is for all us fans

Please even if you don't join just sign the guest book (As long as what your signing/saying is YuGiOh! related). I love hearing from all the Yu-gi-oh! fans i can. Read some forums, chat in a chat box and look at pictures. And have fun! Enjoy the site even if you aren't a member. 


The affiliates to this site are masterofmagicians.webs.com. You can go to these sites by the the side link tittled Master of Magicians, so it's pretty easy to find. If anyone wants to affiliate comment on my profile, the forums or on twitter.


If you have any problems go to the forums and post there so i can try and fix it. Thats all for now.All right with all that said i suggest you go check out the rest of the site.  

 New: Mobile site is ready, i checked myself.





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 Enjoy the chatbox everyone! And please don't be rude.

The Twitter Page

The Twitter page is just a page where you'll see my latest tweets from both of my accounts. (I realize that I've probably become a wonderful advertisement for Twitter by setting this all up. However i do use Twitter often so it's a great way to get in touch with me.) Happy reading and chatting. 

Character Profiles

Three Main characters: Yugi, Jaden(Judai), and Yusei are up. They are shortened versions of the bios of yugioh.wikia.com.  They are just what i thought was most important, so you could get to know a bit about the characters.




















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